News - BCON EXPO 2017
October 29, 2017
Bram & Bluma Appel Salon


  • Closing Keynote: The now and the future of branded content - the view from London

    With audiences apparently caring less and less about advertising, is the solution really for every brand to create content that people ‘choose’ to watch, perhaps through cultural relevance or ‘doing good’? What about the argument that suggests organic is dead? And what about the growing importance of algorithms choosing content for us?

    Citing various UK and international case studies, Tom casts an eye on the future of brand communications and offers a view on how the industry needs to adapt given the challenges and opportunities facing advertisers now and over the next few years.

  • Keynote: Between the Sheets of M Live: Real Time Marketing on Social

    David Beebe takes a deep dive into the art and science of M Live - Marriott International's globally-located social media and real-time marketing command centers. In this keynote, David will share the story behind the M Live program, the strategy behind how data and technology come together to engage consumers in meaningful ways, and the ROI M Live delivers in winning the hearts, minds and wallets of the next generation of travelers.

    You'll leave this session understanding how content can create communities that drive commerce, with real-world examples and strategies to help take your social media and content efforts to the next level.

  • Standing Out in a Sea of Influencers

    Influencer marketing is the phrase du jour, with brands both big and small clamouring for the latest and greatest audiences following influencers of all stripes. With so many in the mix, how does a brand use influencers as part of their content, and manage to stand out from the crowd?

    Our panel of brand experts will discuss their tried and true methods, based on their own robust influencer-based branded content efforts.

  • Branded Content Workshops

    Part 1. Gathering Insights.

    Throughout the day, the BCON Expo will host workshops that discuss the building blocks of a great branded content campaign. "Gathering Insights - Part 1" will address what an insight is - the fundamentals of getting to know your audience, delving into the diligence and research that goes into learning about your target market before getting to the creative stage.

    Part 2. Gathering Insights.

    Building on the content from "Gathering Insights, Part 1," the second iteration of our content series will address the steps to getting to good insights, where they live and why a simple, concise and beautiful insight matters and leads to creative that moves people.

    Part 3. Building Your Editorial Calendar.

    As a follow-up to our earlier "Gathering Insights” sessions, this workshop will walk attendees through the process of planning your branded content campaign launch calendar, including what to do in the lead-up to launch and what your post-launch activities and preparations should look like.

  • The Hockey Day Play: How Branded Content Scores New Customers for Scotiabank

    Heroes of Hockey Day in Canada is Scotiabank's first-ever serialized broadcast, digital, and social branded content series. With twenty 90-second episodes that air weekly on TV and online, Heroes features endearing kids, powerful stories about giving back to community, NHL superstar P.K. Subban and other hockey greats, and more.

    But how effective has this content series been in elevating the Scotiabank brand among consumers, and generating sales for the bank? Christine Wilby and Justin Lipton from the Scotiabank Brand and Sponsorship teams, respectively, will give BCON Expo attendees an exclusive look at the Heroes of Hockey Day strategy, and how the bank optimized and grew the branded content program over three hockey seasons.

  • The Millennial Movement - How BMO Delivers Branded Content to a New Demographic

    With the launch of Vice Money, a new vertical within the Vice network, BMO forged an exclusive partnership and became the sole provider of financially-focused branded content for the media property's largely millennial audience. It wasn't an easy task, and in fact signaled a monumental shift in the way BMO marketed its services, and introduced a new target demographic for the bank. As one of the primary voices advocating for the launch of the BMO Vice Money project, Michael Letsche will take the audience behind the scenes of this branded content program, discussing the ways in which the bank seeks to target millennials with content that is relevant and informative, and also delivers ROI.

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