Speaker Tom Curtis - BCON EXPO 2017
October 29, 2017
Bram & Bluma Appel Salon

Speaker Tom Curtis

Tom Curtis

Managing Partner, Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising UK


Tom is the UK’s Head of MediaCom Beyond Advertising at MediaCom, one the world’s largest media agencies. Based in London he heads a team of around 100 content specialists working across UK and international clients.

With nearly 20 years industry experience, Tom is in his 18th year at MediaCom. Starting as a planner, he then helped launch MediaCom’s first creative team over a decade ago, before becoming creative director and most recently Managing Partner and Head of MBA.

Passionate and candid about the positive role brands can play in the world, Tom likes a straight talking approach to the issues impacting our industry today and in the future.

Speaking at: LUNCH BREAK (COURT) + LUNCHEON ROUNDTABLES (MEZZANINE); CLOSING KEYNOTE: The now and the future of branded content-the view from London

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