Speaker Sean Stanleigh - BCON EXPO 2017
October 29, 2017
Bram & Bluma Appel Salon

Speaker Sean Stanleigh

Sean Stanleigh

Head of Globe Content Studio

The Globe and Mail

Sean Stanleigh is managing editor of Globe Edge, the content marketing studio at The Globe and Mail. His team blends audience data with journalistic intuition and experience to craft great storytelling on behalf of brands, positioning them as thought leaders with influential audiences across multiple platforms. He is also co-chair of Lab351, the company’s internal business incubator. Sean has held a number of senior editing roles at The Globe and the Toronto Star in disciplines that include small business, national, foreign and local news, and entertainment. Sean is an active participant in Canada’s startup community, serving as a mentor and adviser for several non-profit organizations related to entrepreneurship, and regularly appearing at events as a host, speaker and moderator.

Follow him @seanstanleigh

Speaking at: GLOBE MEDIA GROUP UPFRONT: The future of content marketing

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