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October 29, 2016
Bram & Bluma Appel Salon
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  • Essential Elements for Engaging Audiences

    Nielsen has built its brand on measuring the reach of traditional media products with North American audiences. But as consumers have changed, so too have the media strategies marketers use to reach them, leading Nielsen to develop a new breed of content measurement tools and solutions.

    Join Harry Brisson, director of lab research at Nielsen Content Solutions, as he guides BCON Expo through new research that uncovers the essential elements that enable content to resonate with audiences, based on research of over 4,000 pieces of content. He will also premiere new analysis comparing the effectiveness of over 100 pieces of branded content, examining and outlining best practices to better understand the relationship between great content and meaningful brand impact.

  • Opening Keynote: Next-gen ROI: how to measure the new content marketing

    Pitched a content program only to have it shot down over costs versus ROI potential? Not totally sure how to translate campaign success into CEO-pleasing data? You`re not alone: a study from the U.S.-based Content Marketing Institute (CMI) found that as many as eight out of 10 marketers are now trying some form of content marketing, but only three in 10 are seeing measurable ROI.

    You can be a part of the new wave of marketers breaking the cycle by joining keynote speaker CMI's chief strategy officer, Robert Rose, at BCON Expo. Rose will outline new approaches to measuring effectiveness and ROI in the content marketing sphere and how to use it to create multiple lines of value within your business. He'll also touch on new tech and processes driving next-gen content marketing forward.

  • From research to ROI: RBC's branded content strategy

    RBC is stepping outside of its traditional marketing plan and into the afterlife with a new partnership that aims to reach a younger audience. The financial institution partnered with brand agency shift2 and digital studio Smokebomb Entertainment to engage millennials with 20-part scripted drama series V Morgan Is Dead and complementary lifestyle content designed to help young adults navigate life, love and money.

    Hear directly from RBC on why they chose to target millennial consumers with this innovative campaign, and how research was used to test and pivot along the way.

  • Keynote: Building customer mindshare

    As one of the world's biggest B2B and B2C brands, GE has the complex task of communicating its cutting-edge technology to a diverse and vast global audience. But that doesn't intimidate Katrina Craigwell, Global Director, Marketing Innovation (formally Director, Global Content and Programming) at GE, who stickhandles the company's digital content strategy with a focus on authenticity and transparency.

    Katrina brings her wealth of expertise to BCON Expo this spring, sharing key lessons she and her team have gleaned in working with original content creators, mapping the customer journey through content and, excitingly, getting GE ready to be on the forefront of virtual reality's mainstream debut.

  • Original content is a beautiful thing

    L'Oréal has long been an innovator in the branded content space, with work ranging from award-winning digital series to real-time red-carpet shows-on-the-go. No longer satisfied with waiting for the next trend, L'Oréal has created an in-house content studio tasked with seizing content opportunities as they happen.

    Hear from L'Oréal CMO, Stéphane Bérubé and Consumer Engagement Manager, Ekaterina Dobrokhotova, about the company's branded content journey and the learning that shaped its social media-driven strategy today.

  • Acing the branded content endurance test

    Launching a clever, wildly innovative campaign is one thing. But how do you fuel interest in long-term content programs? And how do you manage that cost effectively? That's the real grail.

    Come hear how Walmart's content strategy is bolstering its omnichannel experience, and how Kraft is optimizing its "What's Cooking" CRM content investment and keeping its Hockeyville franchise fresh.

    From micro-targeted ads to social-friendly content, these initiatives are delivering on both the interest and investment front of ROI.

  • Making branded content work for its money

    The brightest minds in the branded content business gather in Toronto on March 29 to dissect the latest and greatest work in this burgeoning space. Join us for the fourth annual BCON Expo, where brands, agencies and creatives gather to discuss what’s working in branded content today, what’s not and who’s doing it best.

    Discover the newest information and strategies for:

    • Measurement and ROI
    • Executing on nascent platforms
    • High-performance, long-term branded content campaigns
    • Bringing digital web series to life
    • Making awesome content fans clamour to see

    It’s back! The New Brand Content Upfronts

    Canada's top media companies reveal their newest branded content opportunities, programs and strategies:

    • Branded content sneak-peeks
    • The latest in data-driven content marketing
    • Ground-floor opportunities

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