The Brand, the Broadcaster and the Snowboarders: The Making of McMorris & McMorris

Wednesday, March 19, 2014
9:45 AM - 10:25 AM
Arcadian Court

Red Bull has earned a legion of loyal consumers through its ballsy marketing and unique presence on the entertainment scene, from creating its own sporting events to producing films and running its own music studio and record label. A leader in the branded content space, Red Bull’s original productions – which are as sophisticated as any shows produced by traditional media companies – have reshaped the meaning of branded content.


McMorris & McMorris is a prime example of Red Bull’s marketing ethos. This eight-part docu-series for MTV follows Mark and Craig McMorris, professional snowboarding brothers from Regina, Saskatchewan, as they travel and compete around the world. Execs from Red Bull, MTV and Buck Productions will convene for an “anatomy of a deal” panel to discuss the creation and execution of McMorris & McMorris.



Randy Stein
Partner, Creative
Grip Limited


Jason Ford
Supervising Producer, Moving Images
Red Bull Media House

Jim Kiriakakis
Head of Unscripted Content & Development
Buck Productions Inc

Craig McMorris

Brook Peters
Director of Programming, Acquisitions and Sales
Bell Media Entertainment Specialty Television

Founding Partners

Presenting Partner

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